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Theft (or Property Crimes)

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If you are accused of stealing $50 or less, the case will be a Class C misdemeanor handled in Municipal Court. If the amount is $50-500, it jumps to Class B misdemeanor handled at the County Criminal Court. From $500-$1,500 will be a Class A misdemeanor, and anything higher will result in a felony charge. While negotiations can be engaged to reduce your charge, district attorneys may stick to the dollar amounts in the statutes, knowing that the jury will be likely to agree that the amount in question was the amount stolen. As such, any defendant facing a theft charge should immediately employ a qualified defense attorney to negotiate the best possible deal.

In all theft or property crimes, your attorney should seek a deferred adjudication offer if dismissal is not an option. Successful completion of a deferred adjudication probation period or pretrial diversion program will result in no conviction and the possibility of expunction or non-disclosure of your arrest record.

In most counties you are required to appear at all your court settings prior to accepting a plea agreement; however, in other counties hiring an attorney will allow that attorney to appear for you on misdemeanor cases. So once you've been arrested and bonded out, give me a call at (512) 743-1711 or email me at and I'll file a Notice of Appearance in your case as quickly as possible. Don't waste your time going to the court house when you can hire me to do it for you! If you accept a plea agreement, my rates are inexpensive and I accept a flat fee with payment plans, if needed. Jordan Defy Sp On Feet, Jordan Defy Sp For Basketball, Jordan Defy Sp - Men's White/stadium Grey/gym Red/black http://mcxsureshotcall.com307-jordan-defy-sp-on-feet-jordan-defy-sp-for-basketball-jordan-defy-sp-men-s-white-stadium-grey-gym-red-black.html